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Now we need to talk heart to heart. To all you Canadians out there I have a request. I collect baseball caps and years ago my father ran across one from Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Sales Limited. It was the most letters I had ever seen on a Baseball cap. Sometime in the passing years the cap turned up missing. So if you are from Saskatchewan and happen to know of the Potash Corporation and maybe you could call or go to them and talk them out of a cap to send to me. I would be ever so grateful. Thanks in advance....... 

Today Is May Already,.....

3 months until Judefest 2?..... Just wondering,...

It would be cool if more updated stuff would be put,oh ,. say here,. As long as Jude doesn't disagree,...
Thigs like maybe some of the Toronto people posting websites of good hotels that are close to the excitement,...Uh, maybe a nice conversation on "what's Happening" LJ-wise over the weekend,..The parties,. The lunches,.. The wild sex piles of women and of course Liz's camera posts since her camera is teh sharpest and she has that, how you say, that knack,..... Stuff like that,..

It seems it would work nicer to not necessarily reply to posts over the next 3 months,.More, new, fresh posts periodically so it keeps it fresh and in front of peeps,..
Oh!,. and invite, invite, invite all to join here!

Thanks for the giving me the floor, Jude,...
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I am posting this here because if you were here you probably met bigkev

Tomorrow at 9:00 there will be a get together for anyone who wants to gome and celebrate the life of bigkev. We will be meeting at RD's Bar and Grill on Duncan Street just south of Adelaide. It is nice bar that we will be able to actually sit and talk at while enjoying some Budwiesers and Malibu and Orange... it also happens to be the bar we ended up at the last time that Kev came to Toronto for a get together.
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And you thought this community was dead!

You could take an eye out!
The high point of the trip was the fact that Steph spent the entire weekend naked.
Maybe that should be high points? Yes, I do think so.

Freaks in the cab-- YOURS!
Steph's ongoing nudity brought on a lot of unwanted attention.
These odd (and yet strangely beautiful) people kept following us all over the city.
Eventually, we had sex with them just so they'd leave us alone.

I'm such a tease, I know. More to come. Eventually.
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more pics

So apparently I was having such a good time I took a sum total of 12 digital pictures this weekend. I also did a complete roll of B&W, but that was ye olde fashioned filme, so I'll get that back some time next year I think...

Anyway, on with the show